Common Flying Insects

Flying insects could cause major problems for any homeowner if left uncontrolled. Some of these insects are common during spring and summer season and worse still is that they are known to sting or bite their victims thus releasing venom or inflicting pain.

Normally, most of these insects are found in the bushes and shrubs around homes. However, most of them will find their way into the house buildings as they seek better places to build their nests especially under the roof or inside unused chimneys.


These flying insects vary in size but most of them are less than one inch in length. The most common types of wasps you will find in Utah have red, yellow or black stripes and are known to be notorious for stinging.

While some might not sting unless provoked, it is important to exterminate them from your house or yard thus protecting those in the home.

Eliminating wasps can be a tricky assignment and should be left to professional pest control personnel.

Once wasps sense danger, they respond by stinging their aggressor, an experience that is very painful owing to venom release.

Yellow Jackets

These insects can be found in Utah throughout the year and their diet changes with time.

They have black and yellow stripes and like eating other insects during spring and summer seasons. However, they are attracted to sugary substances and therefore will intrude homes, garbage bins, and picnics in search of food.

Unlike wasps, yellow jackets build their homes underground but they are very aggressive. These flying insects are known to sting their victims several times without relenting. They should be exterminated as early as possible.

Honey Bees

Honey bees are good when it comes to honey production.

However, these insects can be very dangerous and especially if allowed to build their nests in the shrubs and trees in the yard or even under the roof of the house where you live.

Honey bees also like unused chimneys but should not be allowed to settle as doing so could endanger your life and that of other home users and pets as well.

These flying insects sting their victims an experience that is very painful leading to swelling.


These insects like feasting on bees and other insects.

They can be found in yards and especially where there are some shrubs and trees. Although they are not very aggressive, they can attack vigorously in case they feel threatened.

Killing one hornet could cause serious problems as these flying insects are known to be upset by such actions.

They should, therefore, be exterminated professionally ensuring that both the mature and young ones are wiped out to deter their reproduction.