The state is home to about 39 species of both “friendly” and venomous spiders. While venomous spiders could pose some risk to you and your family, those that are harmless could be a nuisance especially if they increase in population owing to their extensive network of cobwebs which could make the house look dirty.

It is important to know these spiders and especially those that are venomous as doing so will be the first step towards protecting yourself and your loved ones. In-case you find spiders nested in your home, calling a professional pest control company will be prudent to avert possible danger both indoors and outdoors.

The Black Widow

These are some of the most common spiders in Utah. Black widow has a black, shiny appearance (as the name suggests) plus females have a unique red hourglass spot located on the underside of their abdomen. Male and immature spiders normally look duller or lighter but without the red marking.

These spiders like inhabiting fences, shrubs, rock piles and woodpiles and especially those that are undisturbed. However, you will find them in your house and especially in areas stashed with undisturbed items such as in the garage or ceiling. These are some of the most venomous spiders in Utah and they bite in two different ways.

First, their bite could be dry, meaning they do not release venom.

Secondly, the bite could release venom through their fangs causing some serious health complications which include shock or stupor, serious high blood pressure and/or muscle spasm and cramps.

Hobo Spiders

These spiders are commonly found indoors especially in the northern Utah region. They can be identified through their brown color coupled with chevron shaped marks on the abdomens.

Additionally, males can be distinguished from their female counterparts as they have 2 large mouth parts (palpi) which resemble boxing gloves in appearance.

Although painless in the initial stages, a bite by these spiders could cause blistering after a few hours. The swelling normally breaks open after one or two days resulting to an open, discharge ulceration. The release of venom by hobo spider causes an immediate redness on the skin spot where it bites.

Other symptoms that are likely to follow include headache, vision impairment, muscle weakness, nausea and fatigue. Temporally memory loss has also been reported.

Brown Recluse Spiders

These are some of the most aggressive and venomous spiders in Utah.

Recluse spider can be found in dark closets, corners and draperies and you should not be surprised to find them trapped in beddings and clothes.

They come in different colors with some having a reddish hue while others are light brown. Some have a dark violin shape on the upper region just behind the eyes with the violin neck pointing towards the back.

The 6-eyed spider’s bite releases dangerous venom which could cause considerable skin related injury accompanied by necrosis and tissue loss. Death has also been reported.